Alzheimer's Training and Dementia Training


NCCDP® works to promote standards of excellence in dementia education and Alzheimer's disease education to professionals and other caregivers who provide services to clients with dementia and Alzheimer's. As the number of dementia cases continues to increase nationally and worldwide, there is a great necessity to insure that care givers are well trained to provide appropriate, competent, and sensitive direct care and support for the dementia patient. The goal of NCCDP is to develop and encourage comprehensive standards of excellence in the health care profession and delivery of dementia care. NCCDP is committed to providing quality Alzheimer's Training and Dementia Training programs.

We provide dementia and Alzheimer's education programs in the following areas:

Certification in Alzheimer's & Dementia Care

Certified Dementia Care Manager® (CDCM®) Seminar

Train the Dementia/Alzheimer's Trainer Course

Certified First Responder Dementia Trainer® CFRDT®

On Site Dementia and Alzheimer's Care Training

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Certification in Alzheimer's and Dementia Care

Certification as a Certified Dementia Practitioner®

Certified Dementia Care Managers® CDCM®

Certified First Responder Dementia Trainer® CFRDT®

NCCDP Alzheimer's Dementia Trainer

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"Every aspect of the Alzheimer's and Dementia seminar included content that was very valuable. The practical application as well as the foundations of dealing with cognitively impaired patients were of tremendous value."

Leigh Mayberry RN CDP Director of Program Development
Life Care Centers of America


"This course was the most informative and comprehensive program on Alzheimer's and dementia that I have attended. It was wonderful.  I will apply all aspects of care related to Alzheimer and Dementia residents that I learned from this seminar. The information on End Stage of Life was also applicable to all residents." 

Billy Jean Obrien RN MSN, LNHA, CALA, CDP
Regional Director
OMNI Health Systems of New Jersey


I loved this seminar. The instructors were extremely knowledgable and interesting. The content and presentations was excellent. Both Lynn and Sandra were very personable and easy to talk to. They made this experience very rewarding. I am confident that i will be able to present this program because I know that I will have them as a resource and support when needed.  I learned of more wander / elopement prevention programs and approaches. Also about enhanced activities more appropriate for dementia residents as well as tips /ideas and how to create / maintain a therapeutic environment for dementia patients. Really I learned so much. I plan to bring this program to my facility and restructure and manage and oversee our dementia unit to assure we are practicing best standards at our facility.    

Michelle Brady Director of In-service education St. Catherine of Siena

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